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Your Go to Holiday Destinations in 2017

In our day to day busy and stressful lives, we all need some time to relax ourselves out. This is why we look forward to the holidays after a stressful time of working round the clock. Nothing can be more relaxing than spending time in a beautiful place and enjoying the luxuries of nature. But once our holidays start we are clueless as to what to do and where to spend them since there are so many beautiful places to go. The planning needs to be done a few days before your vacation holidays as to not rush things at the last moment.

   With so many beautiful places the decision to where to spend your holidays can be a tough one.Apart from that you also need to consider your budget which is a very important factor since going on a vacation isn’t cheap. Nowadays there are a lot of travel packages available that are reasonable and you can find a suitable package within your price range. If you are looking for a perfect vacation then some of the places that should be on your go to list include the following.

  1. Merida, Mexico:

Merida is a beautiful and vibrant city located in Mexico. This city not only has a historic charm but it also includes a lot of fun activities that one can take advantage of. The food there is delicious and the people are great hosts. Nothing can beat a warm cup of tea in a good company. So if you are looking to relax all the while having something fun to do then check out this beautiful city.

  1. Pistoia, Italy:

Pistoia is located in the Tuscany region of Italy. It is beautiful city that conducts festivities throughout the year. There are a lot of festivals that take place which provides a lot of excitement and entertainment. The food and culture of this city is definitely worth a taste.

  1. Seoul, South Korea:

Seoul located in South Korea, is an extravagant city that is a hub for business and culture. Seoul lets you experience the South Korean culture at its finest. There are a lot of restaurants offering different cuisines and a lot of entertainment that you can experience in Seoul.

  1. Chile, South America:

Chile has become one of the most desired travel destinations. If you are nature lover then this should be on your go to destination.

  1. Chandigarh, India:

Chandigarh located in India displays the Indian culture in its pure form. You get to experience the Indian culture in its true sense. Apart from providing you with cultural entertainment it also gives you an insight into the modern life.


These are some of the top destinations for you to travel and go on a vacation as they not only will provide with the tourism but they will also introduce you to a different and diverse culture. You will get to experience that natural beauty of the world as well as get the vacation feels. So check out these places and plan your vacation.